Top tips to celebrate Global Recycling Day

At LifestyleGarden® we are big fans of recycling. Our products are all backed by incredible sustainability promises and are made from recycled or recyclable material. We have also made great strides in minimising our environmental impact, and take our company-wide five-point strategy for going green* very seriously. This Global Recycling Day we wanted to share some top tips from the recycling experts at Recycle Now on how to up your recycling game.

If it’s plastic and bottle shaped, recycle it

It’s thought that, in the UK, we only recycle 58% of the plastic bottles we use at home. As the title says – if it’s plastic and bottle shaped, then recycle, recycle, recyle! Simply empty, crush, and replace the lids before recycling. And, remember to recycle bleach and detergent bottles too. You can leave the trigger sprays on.

Don’t neglect the bathroom!

The bathroom is often one room where we forget about recycling. According to Recycle Now, if everyone in the UK recycled one toothpaste box, it would save enough energy to run a fridge in over 2,000 homes for a year. From toothpaste boxes, to toilet roll tubes, aerosols, shower gel, and shampoo and conditioner bottles – they can all be recycled.

Take note: remember to remove the pump dispenser from liquid soap bottles before recycling, as this is currently not recyclable.

A quick rinse is enough

For pots, tubs and trays, just remove the plastic film and give it a quick rinse before recycling. There’s no need to get every spot of food off. Dishwashing them is a step too far, and a waste of energy!

Leave the lid on

When recycling glass, empty the contents and put the lid back on. This includes the metal lids on jam jars and the caps on bottles, as glass reprocessors separate them. But don’t put drinking glasses or Pyrex cookware in the recycling, as they’re made from different materials, which can’t be recycled.

Remove food from card packaging

Remove chunks of food from paper and card packaging before recycling. For example, you can put in the pizza box, just make sure that any food has been removed.

Use the scrunch test

Not sure if a piece of paper can be recycled? Try scrunching it up in your hand. If it doesn’t spring back, then it can be recycled. It’s a good test to use with wrapping paper. And, if you’re recycling birthday cards, be sure to tear off any glittery bits first.

Give it a quick squish

Give cans and plastic bottles a quick squish - that’ll save room in your recycling bin and make them more efficient to transport. Scrunch foil items loosely together to help them get through the sorting process without getting lost.

If you’re not sure, check

If you’re not sure if, how or where you can recycle an item, visit the Recycle Now Recycling Locator - just put in your postcode to get your answer.

* Using 100% FSC hardwood, minimising waste, reducing emissions, cutting consumption of resources and energy and controlling the use of restricted substances in all materials used.

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