Plastic Free July

With our wide range of beautiful eco-friendly furniture made with sustainable manufacturing techniques, plastic free July is the month LifestyleGarden was born for! Which is why one of the most environmentally aware organisations in the UK– The Eden Project – has worked with us on a number of exclusively furniture ranges, including showcasing our groundbreaking DuraOcean chair at its world-famous visitor attraction in Cornwall.  



Ever since Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II series aired on the BBC, concern over the devastating effect of plastic waste on marine wildlife has risen to the top of the environmental agenda. Every year we produce 300 million tonnes of plastic waste – nearly the same weight as the entire word’s population. About eight million tonnes of discarded plastic ends up in the world’s oceans; enough to circle the Earth 425 times.  



With ‘ocean plastic’ killing more than 100,000 marine creatures every year, and predictions that by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish calling the ocean its home, At LifestyleGarden® we decided it was time for action. Following a long period of research and development, the unique, robust and durable DuraOcean® chair was born. While each chair comprises 3.5kg of recycled marine ropes, the legs have been crafted from sustainable Brazilian FSC-certified eucalyptus.   To date, DuraOcean® has helped to remove and stop over 150,000kgs of marine plastic from polluting our oceans further. The best bit – this is just the beginning! More information about our long-term plans for helping to reduce the impact of plastic waste will be revealed soon!  



The Nassau’s sustainable design offers a fresh look at plastic. Each chair is produced free from harmful chemicals and has minimal impact on the environment, with the ability to be recycled, with zero waste, at the end of its life cycle.  



The low-maintenance Nassau range has been created using our patented Duresin® plastic, which offers high colour fastness, durability and strength, meaning the vivid colours you’ll fall in love with won’t fade over time. Chair legs and matching tables are also constructed from specially coated aluminium and FSC-certified hardwood coated in Duragrain®, providing further protection from the elements, meaning this is a range built to last.  



There is no compromise on style with this chic range and, with so many size options and formations available – from bistro sets to six-seater dining sets, and everything in between – the versatile Nassau collection is the perfect choice for the discerning eco-warrior!  


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