February – this month in the garden


February is here! In the first months of the year the weather is often colder than ever, but all is not lost – we can use these months to plan for the year ahead in the garden. February is the perfect time to start thinking about the many jobs you want to tackle in the garden, plus you can make a jump on activities by starting to order the seeds and bulbs you will be lovingly nurturing come spring and summer.

It may be cold outside but why not get out into the fresh crisp air to revisit your garden space, checking fences, garden stakes, ties and supports to ensure that everything has survived the rigours of any severe weather.

February is also an important time to keep an eye on the local wildlife. Remember to put food out for the birds, and if possible, try to leave some areas of the garden uncut so that wildlife can access shelter when it is needed most.

Top jobs to do this month

1. With the nights getting a little bit shorter, why not use this extra time to get out into the greenhouse or shed for a little tidy up. ‘Future you’ will be thankful for the extra assistance.

2. If you have mistletoe left over from Christmas, then now is the perfect time to press the berries into apple tree trunks to establish your own mistletoe plants!

3. If you have empty pots lying dormant, why not take this time to dig out these pots so that they are ready to go once spring planting seasons kicks off?

4. Now is the time to plant out bare root roses, shrubs, and ornamental trees, as long as the soil is not waterlogged or frozen.

5. Remove soggy leaves from flowerbeds, paths and patios to ensure that plants can grow unhindered and slip accidents are minimised.

6. Grab a notebook and pen and start planning your vegetable or kitchen garden. Knowing what space you have and researching the types of crops you want to grow will stand you in good stead for the growing season.

7. Add some winter colour by buying ‘in flower’ snowdrops and hellebores.

8. Over in the greenhouse, winter salad crops can be sown.

9. Don’t forget the garden furniture! – chances are by now your furniture set has been under cover for several months. Now is the time to peel back the cover to reduce the risk of condensation build-up. Brush down your furniture and relocate to ensure that debris has not settled underneath. Once the cover has aired and dried out, pop it back on for the remainder of the season.

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