It may be cold, but your garden still offers many ways to enjoy the outdoors this winter

Temperatures might be hovering just above freezing point but that doesn’t mean your garden has to be ignored. Even during the deepest days of winter there are a number of ways you can get out into the garden to stave off the winter blues.

Build a snowman

Ok, we realise a classic take on this one is weather dependent but, if the white stuff is a no-show this winter, there are plenty of creative ways to bring Mr Frosty into your garden. Make use of last summer’s terracotta flowerpots by stacking them upside down and decorating with a bit of white paint and accessories of your choice, or paint wooden posts or logs and dress with buttons, old socks and other material scraps for a fun outdoor activity with children. Head to sites such as Pinterest for a world of inspiration around DIY ‘no snow snowmen’.

Cook your Sunday roast on the barbecue

It’s not just about flipping burgers in the summer; grilling can be a 365-day a year activity, so why not change it up and take to the garden to whip up your roast on the barbie this Sunday? Don’t believe it can be done – then watch DJ BBQ prepare a roast chicken and all the trimmings with just a kettle barbecue here. You can even take it up a notch and dine al fresco on one of LifestyleGarden®’s garden furniture ranges.

Look after the wildlife

Show your feathered friends some love by leaving food and fresh water out. Make sure your bird bath stays ice free by floating a ping pong ball on the top (the wind keeps the ball moving and stops the water from freezing over). Enjoy the view and help the RSPB at the same time by participating in its activities. For more info visit

Get snapping

The garden takes on a completely different aesthetic in the winter months and can make for some fantastic photographs, with flowers emerging from the snow-covered ground, frost-tipped leaves and berries on a misty morning, or fantastic dried seed heads and hydrangeas. If plant photography isn’t your thing, a wintry garden can still provide a stunning frosty backdrop for fun family photos, so bundle up and head out with the camera.

Enjoy a cuppa and a natter over the fence with your neighbour

Covid-19 and lockdown has seen new friendships and greater sense of community blossom. Keep that going by taking the time to check in with next door and have a chat in the fresh air. 

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