How to have the best bonfire night ever!

Remember, remember the 5th of November… As we get ready to enjoy Bonfire Night (also known as Guy Fawkes Night) 416 years after the Gunpowder plot, many people will be heading to an organised display but, if you’d prefer to keep things a little closer to home (and also a lot less crowded), then we have!


Feast fit for a king

One of the joys of Bonfire Night is getting bundled up in your winter coat, hat, scarf, gloves and wellington boots before heading out into the night for an evening of bright lights and entertainment. If the back garden is as far as you want to travel, then light up the firepit and grab blankets and sparklers to make for a relaxing time watching the flames. A bag of marshmallows makes for a great snack when perfectly toasted over the flames, or indulge in s ’mores, as seen in every American teenage movie! Simply sandwich a marshmallow with a chunk of chocolate between two biscuits, wrap in tinfoil, before toasting over the fire for a gooey sweet treat – a real favourite with children!



If you want to upgrade your al fresco dining options, especially if you have friends and family over, then the BBC Good Food site has a mouth-watering selection of food and drink ideas designed especially for Bonfire Night. Look out for game-changing hot chocolate recipes, toffee apples, gorgeous winter warmer soups, roasted chestnuts and even a Instagram-worthy Catherine Wheel Toad in the Hole! If you’re keeping it simple, however, then sausages roasted over the fire or a whole chicken spit-roasted over the flames, accompanied by classic jacket potatoes cooked in the embers, serves up a tasty snack for all the family.


All the fun of the fair

If entertainment is your main reason for loving Bonfire Night, then why not try a spot of apple bobbing? Simply fill a bucket or trough with water and add apples. Players then take it in turns to grab an apple using nothing but their mouth. Things can get a little wet, but the game will keep the laughter rolling.


If you want to keep things a little drier, then how about creating your own coconut shy? Line up flowerpots on a wall or table, placing a coconut in each. Then. using a ball, try and knock the coconuts over. Once the game is over, crack open the coconuts to enjoy everything the coconut has to offer – some refreshing coconut water, or using the ‘flesh’ as a snack or add to curries and soups, to using the shell as bird feeders or as a fun instrument.


Picture perfect

If you like to capture the moment, then Bonfire Night provides the perfect backdrop. Use glow sticks or sparklers to create stunning images, including spelling out messages with sparklers for truly one-off photos. If you are using an iPhone, then these simple tips will show you how to take the perfect sparkler photo, whilst Android users can download the Long Exposure App, providing you with everything they need to ‘snap’ the moment perfectly.


Build you own Guy

Whether you have space for a bonfire or not, you can still enjoy building your own Guy. Grab old clothes, newspapers, straw or hay and get creative! Your Guy can be as big or as small as you like. If you have a pumpkin left over from Halloween, then why not use this as the guy’s head for an extra fun look? If you don’t burn your Guy then consider propping him up in the corner of the garden, where insects and rodents can make themselves at home over the winter months. Old pumpkins provide an excellent food source for wildlife if you smash them open once they’ve served their purpose and mean they won’t end up in landfill, creating harmful methane gas.


Relax in style!

If your idea of a good Bonfire Night is to simply sit back and watch the firework display on show in the skies over your neighbourhood or to partake in a spot of stargazing, then make sure you are sitting comfortably!


At LifestyleGarden® we have an envy-inducing array dining and lounge sets, as well as sunbeds for those that want to snuggle up and stare skywards. After all, your garden furniture shouldn’t just be for summer!

Whatever you do this Bonfire Night we hope you stay safe, stay warm and have the best time!


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