Happy Father’s Day

After a year of lockdown and separation from our families, Mother’s Day 2021 was extra special and now it is time for us to show our dads, granddads and father figures the same sort of love and attention.


If the glorious warm weather keeps up we predict households up and down the country will be enjoying family barbecues and other al fresco dining experiences, offering the perfect opportunity to treat hard working dads by taking the tong off his hands and letting him step away from the grill for a change!



LifestyleGarden® furniture is made for days and nights like this, with a broad range of beautiful furniture constructed of various materials which have one important factor in common: they all adhere to the highest standards of sustainability without compromising on style or durability.



You can park your dad on a lovely comfortable chair with a nice glass of beer or wine and let him give directions while you sweat it out over the stove for a change!

Even better, rather than allocating just one day this month or year to our adored dads, why not make it a more regular thing?



June in particular is a very busy month for gardeners, offering a million and one opportunities for us to let him know we care, whether it’s keeping flower beds weed free, mowing and strimming rampantly growing lawns or watering thirsty plants.


We might even suggest you help him clear up his garden shed but he might not actually thank you for this, given that sheds have the status of personal castles or untouchable man caves for the majority of our men-folk!


A safer bet might be to surprise him with some newly planted vegetables, as June is the last chance for you to get many plants bedded down, including peas and beetroot, both of which are easy to grow and don’t take up much space.


Another garden job your dad might appreciate having done for him is washing down greenhouse windows, which only need doing a couple of times a year but will help spruce things up for when you want the garden looking its very best.


Whatever you do this Father’s Day we hope you have a wonderful day. And to all the leading men in your life – thank you!


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