DuraOcean Materials

Our planet is facing a plastic pollution crisis. Each year we produce 300 million tonnes of plastic waste – that’s nearly the same weight as the entire world population. Predictions show that unless something is done to reduce this, we will have created four times as much plastic waste by 2050.

It’s a well-known fact that much of this plastic waste ends up in our oceans, about eight million tonnes in fact – that’s enough to circle the earth 425 times. Each year this ‘ocean plastic’ is killing in excess of 100,000 marine creatures, and by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish calling the ocean its home. However, there is help at hand. Initiatives such as ocean circular recovery projects are helping to raise awareness and encourage consumers to take responsibility for local ocean clean-up operations. But what happens to the ocean plastic that is recovered?

Tackling a worldwide issue, LifestyleGarden® is the proud producer of the DuraOcean® chair, an innovative product development that is breaking new ground by utilising recycled maritime plastic, to create the world’s first commercially available chair made with marine plastic waste, setting the benchmark for sustainable material usage and design.


At LifestyleGarden®, we understand that environmentally responsible initiatives are the only way to deliver innovative product development. DuraOcean® Chairs are a shining example of our commitment to sustainable development practices, manufactured from 100% recycled plastics recovered and safely processed; preventing the plastic from entering and polluting the Oceans.

Not only are the raw materials taken from recycled marine plastic, but the entire chair can be disassembled and recycled once again at the end of its lifecycle. The majority of the plastic is sourced from industrial ropes, which also provide the standard green DuraOcean® colour. We are continuously working to deliver more colours, all without compromise to the recycled material and further recyclability of the chair.

Our partner sources the plastic material from harbours, marine environments and the marine industry, before transforming the marine plastic waste into a valuable recycled raw material, which is delivered to us in pellet form. This is done after a series of washing and cleaning of the material, after sorting based on the type of plastic to ensure the highest quality and properties. These pellets are mixed into a resin with other additives – all of which are REACH compliant and recyclable – and injected into our custom-built moulds. The result is a UV-resistant and ergonomically designed bucket that is supported by our hard-wearing FSC®-certified Brazilian Eucalyptus wood. This combination of nature and plastic is the DuraOcean® Chair.

DuraOcean Process


This chair is 100% made with recycled plastics originating from marine material - mainly consisting of ropes that have been safely prevented from polluting the oceans, cleaned and turned into these beautiful chairs.

Yes, this chair is fully recyclable, after use you can dispose of this chair at a green point station near your home. Most countries have these stations available; as an alternative, you can also leave the plastic bucket on the container for plastic bottles.

Yes and no. DuraOcean is made from marine industry waste and therefore the colour palette available is somewhat limited to the colour and composition of the plastic available. However, we are continuously developing this, and currently offer the DuraOcean in green, black and mint.

No, the chair has been manufactured according to rigorous standards and in accordance with the EU laws that banned harmful chemicals (REACH), this chair is completely safe for the environment. We have made this chair from 100% recycled plastic and stabilizers free to reduce our environmental footprint.

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Together, we can do our part to clean up the ocean by Doing Business the Right Way – The Sustainable Way.

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