British Science Week – celebrating innovation!

British Science Week is a 10-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths, which takes place from March 5th until the 14th. Throughout the event, the brightest minds and most incredible inventions will be celebrated. Joining in with the celebrations this year, we wanted to give a HUGE round of applause to the amazing team that helped make our ground-breaking DuraOcean® a reality!


But how did they do it? How were discarded fishing ropes and marine plastic transformed into a stylish piece of furniture? Let’s dig a little deeper!


‘Ocean plastic’ or ‘marine plastic’ is said to be responsible for killing more than 100,000 marine creatures every year, with further worrying predictions that, by 2050, there could be more plastic than fish calling the ocean its home. However, help at hand. Incredible initiatives to reduce marine pollution are helping to raise awareness and encourage consumers to take responsibility for local ocean clean-up operations, with marine plastic waste also collected from harbours, marine environments and the marine industry. But what then happens to the ocean plastic that is recovered? For us, it becomes the DuraOcean®.

Once collected, the rope and nets are transformed by our partner, where it is turned from marine plastic waste into a valuable recycled raw material, which is delivered to us in pellet form. This is done after a series of washing and cleaning processes, with the material also sorted according to plastic type, in order to to ensure the highest quality and best properties. These pellets are mixed into a resin with other additives – all of which are REACH compliant and recyclable – and injected into our custom-built moulds. These moulds have been designed to bring to life what was a true vision for our chief designer, Inbal Kahaner. Asked about her inspiration for the DuraOcean® chair, Inbal said: “During the design process, I created a fresh, new interpretation of the traditional slatted outdoor look by merging it with a soft and embracing shape that can also be used indoors. The length of time between an idea and the resulting mass production product is very long, and the process involves examining every tiny detail. It took more than a year of development to find the balance between the perfect shape, the right comfort and the best production method. There were many risks involved. Investment in tooling and processing was high, as this was a new material which needed to be carefully tested and studied. The first time I saw the chair coming out of the mould was a magical moment for me.”

The result of all of the effort put in by Inbal and the design team, the hard work of our partner, and the entire manufacturing team at LifestyleGarden® and ScanCom, is a truly stunning, ergonomically-designed and UV-resistant bucket chair that is supported by hard-wearing FSC®-certified Brazilian Eucalyptus wood legs. Fully recyclable at the end of its life, to ensure it never negatively impacts our world again, the DuraOcean is a true combination of nature and plastic.

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