Brighten up your outside space ready for spring

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to look at injecting some colour back into your outside space.

Last summer, the rainbow became the unofficial emblem of hope and light, and the motif has continued to pop up on home accessories everywhere, from wall prints and cushions, to planters and tableware, so why not let that inspire you?

There are many ways to bring some colour into your outdoor area and give you something bright to enjoy ready for when the weather starts to warm up. 

Although you may have missed the boat with planting bulbs to bloom in early spring, many garden centres sell pots of pre-planted containers with daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops, cyclamen and other blooms.

Brightly coloured planters can also add interest to otherwise-grey patio areas or empty spaces, whilst stringing up line lights or festoons will add sparkle on dark winter evenings. 

Colourful outdoor accessories could give tired-looking garden furniture an updated look but if you want a change of hue without the hassle of bringing cushions in when it rains (or snows) then let your garden furniture do the talking with a statement set. 

LifestyleGarden’s Nassau range available in bright pink, sage green and mustard, is sure to brighten up any indoor or outdoor space with a stunning splash of colour.

The range is durable enough to withstand the unpredictable British weather and has high colour fastness, so your rainbow look won’t fade. Go bold with a mixed-colour coffee set, complete with two carver chairs and an aluminium table or, for a more pared-back, minimalist look that could work indoors or out, incorporate the eucalyptus hardwood table. Prices start from £59.99 for a single chair, or £199.99 for a bistro set.  So, whilst it’s too early to be sipping rainbow-coloured cocktails in the summer heat, there’s nothing to stop you sitting out and enjoying a nice cup of something warm in a bright mug and admiring the view.

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