Be inspired by Japanese style

If you’ve been glued to your TV as world-class athletes compete for a spot on the winner’s podium, then you will not have failed to see the stunning backdrop to this year’s Olympics – Japan. This East Asian island country has been showcasing its stunning landscapes, beautiful sunshine and its welcoming, warm population.  With so much to love about Japan, why not draw some inspiration from its ancient and world-renowned culture and interior design to add something unique to your home.


When it comes to Japanese living, one word sums it up – Zen. Peaceful simplicity surrounds the modest designs of Japanese culture, whilst Japanese style evolves around clean and uncluttered living, holding tightly to balance, order, ancient customs, and a love for natural beauty.


‘Ma’ is another key concept to consider when looking at Japanese influence. This concept aims at a balance between the available space that can be used on one side, and furniture and other objects, on the other side.


At LifestyleGarden, we have the perfect collection to help you embrace these core values of Japanese design. Introducing Arno.


Our Arno collection offers a harmonious balance between sumptuous lounge comfort and elegant natural design. The Arno family is a highly flexible solution with options for any space – in fact the modular nature of Arno provides endless possibilities with just two products. Using just a modular sofa chair and square table design, owners can configure multiple items to create everything from spaces to lounge in, to more formal, low-level dining options.

Each modular sofa chair sits at just 66cm tall, with a 35cm seating height, whilst the tables sit at just 30.5cm tall.

Available in grey and white weather resistant material, and featuring FSC-certified teak, Arno embraces simplistic design, where the furniture speaks quietly allowing life to take place around it.


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