A successful debut of LifestyleGarden® at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in Scandinavia


LifestyleGarden® has arrived in Scandinavia, with a successful debut appearance at the 70th Stockholm Furniture Fair (4th to 8th February, Mässvägen 1, Älvsjö). The fair is considered by many to be the premier industry event for showcasing Scandinavian design, and it proved the ideal platform for the market launch of the LifestyleGarden® collections and the DuraOcean® chair.
It was a busy week for those on the ground in Stockholm, with a series of promising meetings with furniture retailers, online companies and contract-focused firms. There were some potential non-European customers, with promising leads from Japan, India and the USA, among others. The team will draw upon their previous experience and successes, in the UK and German markets in particular, as they take their first steps into the Scandinavian market.


Those in attendance were keen to learn more about the sustainability story behind the products, with the stunning DuraOcean® chair drawing praise and piquing interests.

According to Brand Manager, Rafael Rosales Munoz: ‘We are delighted with the launch of the LifestyleGarden brand in Scandinavia. Along with our partners, we are confident that our core values of sustainability and 100% own production will open many new doors in this market. People are impressed with our use of recycled materials and can see we have the circular economy at heart when making designs. Our products speak to our commitment to sustainable business.


All of this is possible because all our products are 100% made by us, in-house and we are in control of the supply chain from A to Z. That is something that is in demand in this market with very few players having such a vertical integration, so this was a good opportunity to showcase the high level of value we offer as a partner and we are very pleased with the response.’


Having received such a positive reception, we can expect to see LifestyleGarden’s presence in Scandinavia increase over the next year and into the future. This support strengthens the course of the sustainability journey that we are on with our partners and points the way forward, to a future of sustainable innovation and growth.



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